PDR College podcast- Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Business and Marketing

How Shane represents his shop, Marketing spend and much more!

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WOW! Let's talk about all the things Shane decided to consider when opening a new location in another place! Let's drill into it.

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Shane has started a hail repair company (Tech One) and that has streamlined his hail repair operation at home. On this episode, we dig in and give you the inside scoop on  how this recent storm went down.

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Retail PDR is crossing over into the insurance claim realm. Jump in With Paul Kordon and Keith and get up to speed on how to write them, submit them and get paid for what you're doing!

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Joe challenges Keith on his uncharacteristic hard edge opinion on being "too nice about less than beautiful repairs"

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Let's talk about your strategy for UpSelling...or not! Keith and Shane share their views and strategies for upselling in retail and how to increase the ticket value of a retail transaction.

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Check out this show and see how many of these moments you remember from over the years!

The seminars we held over the years created a movement of sharing high level techniques with everyone in attendance...plus a TON of good times!

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Listen to me recap as I drive away from a job that I "couldn't" close


Also, keep your ears and eyes open for the full anouncement of the next PDR College Advanced Skills Seminar 2023!

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The landscape is changing again, let's get up to speed and get current with PDR advancement. Stay to the end for a special announcement!

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Let's talk about the most current trends of retail PDR in 2023

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