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Do you struggle with a low closing percentage with your prospects? Do you wonder "What was that guy THINKING?" after you have a bad appointment that you couldn't close?

Well, you need to square a few things away PRIOR to those appointments. Use these tips to increase your closes and make more money! 



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Knowing how to make sure your prospects are invested in every transaction you do with them will increase your closing percentage incredibly! In this episode you will learn how to master these situations and increase your sales! Make more money!


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How can you Justify your higher prices to your service drive and retail clients when you're in an environment that involves volume pricing?
This is a question we will ALL get! Usually more than once. If you have trouble explaining your justifications, you aren't alone.
In Episode 71 of the PDR College Podcast, we talk about some of the strategies we use in this situation.

ALSO, Shane reveals a NEW tool he has created!

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What is that ONE THING that is holding you back in your career? Spend a few minutes with us while we explore "that one thing" that is holding you back from making the progress you desire.

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Are you looking after the bottom line? Numero Uno? Let's talk about the ways you can bring more money through the front door. Money that is slipping through your fingers right NOW.

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