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Checkout what some of our biggest takeaways from 2015 were and how you can use them to Get Better in 2016












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In this episode we talk about how mindset can be the most powerful force in your PDR business and ultimately your success. 



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This was a very cool show! We had all three of us live together and answered questions from the people watching on Periscope. We will DEFINITELY do another show in this format!

We also gave away over $300 worth of Blackplague PDR Smooth Series Tabs for the best questions we chose to answer!

Download the Periscope app on either apple or android devices and follow PDRcollegeKeith and PDRcollegeShane to be a part of the fun next time!

We'd like to thank ReconPro for sponsoring the show today.


as well as







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If you want to learn how to chase hail for your PDR business at the highest level, then you DO NOT want to miss this show!

Contact Tony or Max at thehailtrainer@yahoo.com

or by visiting their site at  http://www.thehailtrainer.com/


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