PDR College podcast- Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Business and Marketing

There are going to be times in your business where the work is just a hair slower than it could be. Use these tactics to get the phones ringing again and kill that winter dip for good.


Some techs have been able to use THIS to make $20,000 more


Les Brown Speech "You Gotta Be Hungry"


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When we are shopping in various places as a customer we can learn some valuable lessons and apply them to our OWN businesses. Always keep your eyes open for marketing strategy!


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Shane talks about one of his favorite subjects on this podcast: college football. It's a HUGE business generating tons of money that hinges on 18 year old kids buying into a program they have never been a part of, and committing four years of their lives to that program. Huge commitment huh? How do coaches recruit? How do they get buy-in? It's all touched on in this podcast.

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In this episode we expose some errors in the retail experience during a trip we were on in Phoenix and Las Vegas for the 2015 SEMA show.

Some major retail lessons are in this show. Very important if you are looking to build your retail PDR business and the experience your customer has.

Best place online to learn to grow a PDR co


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