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In this episode we welcome Bill Ryan to the show! Bill and his team sell software to Fortune 500 companies. He has closed multiple $50-$60 MILLION Dollar sales! He opens up his book of notes and shares some of his best stuff with us here.


There are many parallels in sales whether we are talking about a $150 sale or a $60 million dollar sale. Bill helps us realize them and gives several tips for navigating larger businesses like franchise dealer groups.


Resources from this show

blackplague PDR Tabs

Shane's Blending Hammer, the Jackhammer

Recon Pro

Little Red Book of Selling

The Challenger Sale





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Many of us have a mental "limit" to what we think we can charge for a PDR repair. THINK AGAIN! We show you some of the main factors to consider when you want to get your pricing to an Elite level.

We welcome Layne Minor as a guest on the show to share his story on breaking out of wholsale prison and swinging in the big league of high dollar retail.



Recon Pro

Blackplague PDR Glue Tabs

Jackhammer Blending Hammer



We welcome Tony Frasher with PDR Nation on the show to give us a run down on what PDR Nation is and more importantly, what YOU can do with it to get better.

We review the Dent Dial Tool from Sal Contreras, and we debut our New Program fpr the highest level of PDR techs and company owners: The Inner Circle

If you ever wanted to know what the successful guys are doing within google adwords, wonder no more! We go into detail here so you can do the same for yourself.

Also, we answer a call in question from Australia regarding PDR Training. How long is training supposed to be?


Special Guest Sal Contreras here to help answer both questions!

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One of our listeners reached out and asked for a little guidance, so we are happy to help here in episode 32.

This tech was dying a slow death at home doing mostly wholesale and was awakened by the show as to his earning potential. He has decided to hit the road and chase hail!

Where does he start? Lots of questions and we answer them here.


Links to Tools talked about on the show:


Harbor Freight Trim Tool set

Dentcraft R&I Pick set

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