PDR College podcast- Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Business and Marketing

After THOUSANDS of retail repairs, Keith and Shane share the list of things to be on the look out for that could potentially trip you up and cost you thousands per week in lost time.

Learn these for yourself and never drive to a 'bunk' call again!

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In this episode we break down the average compensation of several specialties of medical doctors in the US and talk about how our compensation in the PDR business compares. 

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The recent hail storms have been slamming cars all over the country. In this episode, Shane shares his strategy for dominating his local market and takes you inside his books to see what real hail money looks like, how he's doing it and how YOU can too1 No fluff or BS, just real world facts.

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No One in my area knows about PDR! How should I market to them?


I just fixed a car in 3 min for $13. How do I help the customer feel good about this?

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Daniel Gromm is THE authority on Motorcylce PDR and has created several new tools for the industry to help you do the same thing.


In our interview he shares the back story, the numbers, and a few other insights you won't find anywhere else.

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