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In this episode, we had a fan of the show reach out to us to ask a few questions about transitioning into more retail, which are questions we got A LOT so we decided to answer his questions in the form of a coaching call with both Shane and Keith!


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RECON PRO for PDR Invoicing

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Are you all over the map with your service business? One day you're trying to get 200 bucks for a half dollar sized dent, then the next lowering your price to gain customers?  Shane has been there, and knows how to GET OUT!!  Learn how defining WHO and WHAT you are along with creating a customer experience can have you making the big bucks!!





ReconPro for Invoicing

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WOW! This was a crazy show!

We took calls from fans of the show and made a podcast out of it. To say we had a few technical issues would be the understatement of the year.

BUT we pulled it off and here it is commercial free thanks to Recon Pro invoicing software. If you haven't checked them out yet , go have a peek today!


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This episode brought to you commercial by Blackplague PDR and Shane Jacks Signature PDR Tools

Today we talk about how to do your negotiating before a job to kill all suspense and stress about the outcome and how to deliver a job to ensure you never get a call back asking about some detail of the job.

Battle tested techniques you can use TODAY for retail and wholesale PDR

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