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We welcome special guest Ryan Hampton with The Hail Company on the show to help give us a roadmap to profits from a local hail storm.


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Sometimes you don't think you need a PDR tool at all...until you try it! These are the things we HAVE to have in our sets, even if we don't use them every single day.

Also, we give a few more details on the Advanced Skills Seminar with Shane January 13-14  2015, you won't want to miss that if you are looking to brek some records in 2015!


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Sales Closes



In this episode we talk about bringing the ideas you have in your mind into reality and selling PDR (or any other type) Tools to the market.


As a guest we bring in Ian Cordle of Mobile tech shade to share his experience with bringing a product to market.



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Are you hitting your goals every time? Are you CRUSHING them? Are you not even close? We go over the 7 ways you could be failing in your goal setting and give you some specific actions to take to bring yourself to the next level.


Get Better.

Please consider donating to another PDR tech in need via our offer or directly through the Egle's Cross Fund



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