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Are you struggling with your retail repair prices? Well, not any more! Join us as we share 5 ways to double your retail estimates and MAKE MORE MONEY!

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In today's show we welcome a new guest. He's been an in-house tech for a while and is getting ready to move to another state to start his PDR co from scratch. We have him on to ask all his questions and we answer them all..(and then some)!


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We were reached out to by a listener in TX who is starting out on his own and was looking for advice. Join us here as we walk through the steps we would personally take if we were starting our own companies tomorrow.


We also take a look at a really great, but possibly overlooked whale tail from Dentcraft, the UWT-05 See HERE it's an ultra thin short whale tail that is AMAZING for tightly braced hoods , roofs, and decklids! Get One TODAY


TabWeld glue will be launching soon as well! Have a look at the intro video here

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