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Shane just spent a month doing hail repair on the road. I decided to ask him a few questions about how he did what he did, and see what I can lean about running a storm effectively myself.


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In this show we give some really easy actionable ideas to charge your business batteries over the weekend! Get Better.

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In this Episode we welcome two guests on the show! These guys are solely Hail Chasers and try and work together as a team as often as possible. Tony Frasher and Max VanNostrand  have been chasing a loooong time and have seen stupid done five hundred different ways.

 They have both decided to team up and try and educate as many techs as possible to the revenue possibilities when hail repair is done right. If you like hearing about income numbers, you won’t want to miss this!

Tony and Max will also be teaching an extra day at our 2016 Advanced Skills Seminar in Orlando FL in Januaray 26,27,28 right before the MTE! You won’t want to miss it!! The whole day will be about making stupid money on hail repair. From what storms to go to, to how to attack the cars in the most efficient way possible, they are going to lay it   ALL out.

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In this episode of the show we will talk about the "new school" changes in the culture of PDR. How the "old ways" are disappearing and how to stay with the movement and maximize your relevency and revenue.


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Phone Skills Bonus Episode


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We are excited to invite one of our Advanced Skills Seminar 2016 speakers, Brice Kelly www.cfldentrepair.com on the show to talk about his company and how he has risen from a one week training course to one of the premier techs in the country.

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