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Finally! We have a chance to sit down with Chad from fineline pdr to talk about his website from way back in episode 14 when we first encountered him and his first PDR Retail website (it was scary) to today when his totally redone site is up and kicking butt!

Nathan Pizzo of Design with Energy did ALL of the work


Jackhammer Blending Hammer


See a Photo of the Dent Depth Gauge HERE


Why are the Smooth Series Tabs so good?

Click HERE to see



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Join us as we discuss the things that are holding us back in our businesses and let's see if we can come up with a plan together and break some records!


Dent Technology INC

Blending Hammer Excellence

Smooth PDR Tabs are better


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In this show we talk about the things we would tell our "apprentice" selves if we could go back from the future to coach ourselves in PDR using our advanced knowledge! Fun exercise in theory and open minded thinking!


Smooth Series Glue Tabs WATCH NOW


Jackhammer Blending Hammer Series



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Are you missing one of the most VITAL parts of your business? We are talking about questions today. 


A1 Tool Custom Jackhammer

Nicholas Boothman

Website for Smooth tabs

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