PDR College podcast- Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Business and Marketing

There are so many awesome new things coming together for 2016!

Join us in this discussion of the hottest new tools for the PDR Industry and techs who want to Get Better!

Blackplague Smooth Series Video


Blending Hammer & Training


Recon PRO PDR Software



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If you've ever thought about selling your PDR business, you won't want to miss this show!

James Lee (http://elimadenttools.com/) built a 7 figure service business and sold it to pursie his Lighting and Tool co.

In this interview we learn about all the awesome tools he has in production and development, plus much more!


How not to make glue tabs


Shane Jacks Tools


Recon Pro Software


Best PDR glue on the market

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When approaching business and life, our mental state and the stories we tell ourselves are the governing factors over whether or not we "succeed".

Join us as we dive deeper and formulate a strategy for success before the first business task is even started.


watch this video if you do any glue pulling


Blending Hammer and training package


ReconPro for invoicing

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PDR Tool site for glue pulling Blackplague PDR Inc

PDR Tool site for Blending Hammers http://www.blendinghammerpdr.com/

Mobile Invoicing made easy ReconPro

Worlds Best PDR Hot Glue http://www.tabweld.com/

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