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Anchoring prices is a powerful technique we can use to help dictate where our transaction will go next!

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Blending Hammer

Blackplague PDR Tools


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Today we talk about the steps necessary to create trust with your PDR prospects and customers.



New Euro Glue Gun


Crazy Toyota NO PDR Article


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We Welcome Jeremy Langton of Dent Technology INC to the show to tell us about his new tools including the Moonlight, his new adjustable door tools and his placing in the German Dent Olympics using the Blackplague Smooth Series Tabs


NEW Dent Depth Gauge

Worlds Best Blending Hammers

Dent Technology INC Door tools Tab Promotion

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Today we hang out with Jordan Fisher of TDN Tools to learn a little about his background and his Intl Hail and doording game!

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Blackplague PDR NEW Depth Gauge!

World Beating Blending Hammers


Ultra Dent Double swivel set up 1

Ultra Dent Double swivel set up 2

Ultra Dent Double swivel set up 3


PDR Nation

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What is a dent repair really worth? Find out with us!


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Dent Depth Gauge


Blending Hammer


Best source for glue tabs



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