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Let's learn the steps Brice has taken to go from the run of the mill anywhere USA lot technician to one of the busiest Retail PDR technicians in America.

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Here's what Keith uses for his invoicing

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Guys, there are a TON of nuggets hiding in this episode! Shane reveals a staggering payday he had fixing some very unconventional items: High Speed Train Doors! He shares the dollar figure (astonishing) and the ACTUAL technique used to do the repairs. ALSO, we do a review of Shane's retail website to see what needs to be changed.

Keith uses ReconPro for invoicing


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On this weeks show, Shane shares average sales statistics, how confidence is paramount in life, and how each effects how you run your business.

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Let's learn a little more about the 2017 Advanced Skills Seminar! Also, Shane and Keith go in depth on two listener questions that YOU won't want to miss.


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Keith uses ReconPro for invoicing

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Loyal fan of the show, Patrick Borton gets over an hour with Keith to help him develop his local PDR business and level up.

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