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Checkout what some of our biggest takeaways from 2015 were and how you can use them to Get Better in 2016












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In this episode we talk about how mindset can be the most powerful force in your PDR business and ultimately your success. 



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This was a very cool show! We had all three of us live together and answered questions from the people watching on Periscope. We will DEFINITELY do another show in this format!

We also gave away over $300 worth of Blackplague PDR Smooth Series Tabs for the best questions we chose to answer!

Download the Periscope app on either apple or android devices and follow PDRcollegeKeith and PDRcollegeShane to be a part of the fun next time!

We'd like to thank ReconPro for sponsoring the show today.


as well as







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If you want to learn how to chase hail for your PDR business at the highest level, then you DO NOT want to miss this show!

Contact Tony or Max at thehailtrainer@yahoo.com

or by visiting their site at  http://www.thehailtrainer.com/


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Germany's best glue tabs


Shane Jack's Signature Tools

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There are going to be times in your business where the work is just a hair slower than it could be. Use these tactics to get the phones ringing again and kill that winter dip for good.


Some techs have been able to use THIS to make $20,000 more


Les Brown Speech "You Gotta Be Hungry"


ReconPro is what we use for our software


Blackplague PDR Tabs and Tabweld Glue


Shane Jacks Blending Hammers and Tools


When we are shopping in various places as a customer we can learn some valuable lessons and apply them to our OWN businesses. Always keep your eyes open for marketing strategy!


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Shane Jacks makes these tools

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elimAdent NEW Light

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Shane talks about one of his favorite subjects on this podcast: college football. It's a HUGE business generating tons of money that hinges on 18 year old kids buying into a program they have never been a part of, and committing four years of their lives to that program. Huge commitment huh? How do coaches recruit? How do they get buy-in? It's all touched on in this podcast.

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In this episode we expose some errors in the retail experience during a trip we were on in Phoenix and Las Vegas for the 2015 SEMA show.

Some major retail lessons are in this show. Very important if you are looking to build your retail PDR business and the experience your customer has.

Best place online to learn to grow a PDR co


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Shane Jacks' Signature Tools




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In this episode we are going to break down some real examples of sales won and lost and how a reactive sales process will enable you to ONLY give the right medicine for the right ailment (sales objection)

The Advanced Skills Seminar 2016 is SOLD OUT! Congrats to those who made it in and to those who weren't able to take advantage of the chance this year, we are deeply sorry. We would like nothing more than to accommodate everyone, but the priority is the highest possibly quality of the event and we simply MUST limit the size.

Here is the link to the list for next years (2017) event if you don't want to miss out next time register here

Blackplague Smooth tabs are the new standard


Blending Hammer and Training Video!


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Today is the day! 10-26-2015 We are opening registration for the Advanced Skills Seminar and Training 3 day live event in Orlando FL January 26,27,28 2016


Listen to this episode for details and we will see you there!

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Recon Pro software for Dent removal

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Shane Jacks PDR Tools


Your price to repair that damage is probably very very low compared to a conventional repair. Why? Let's talk about it

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Listen to Shane talk about ways to help your business dominate with VIDEO!

Look what shows up in a google search for "greenville dent removal"


Get your video ON this week!

Shane's Tool site


Keith's Tool site

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Mobile Tech Expo is the largest paintless dent removal trade show in the USA.

Click HERE for info in the MTE 2016

Shane and Keith explain the top 5 things they both personally learned by attending the show in person over the last few years.


Remember, for the promotion, spend $120 and input "trytape" as a discount code and get free Whale Tail Tape this week on;y! ends 10/19/2015


At the same time get your hands on the most realistic tolecut sandpaper package available to PDR techs here  

Tolecut Complete Kit for PDR

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Help a Brotha Out! Our buddy Dave Streen had an accident an has burned his hands to the point that he cannot work at PDR for a while.

We would like you to go to his tool site and buy his new edge tools, the Hookers, to repair edges with a slide hammer. These little guys will slide between a fender and door while the door is closed! Something no other edge tool will currently do. 

Buy the set, help yourself and help a fellow tech out at the same time.

Here's the link to his tools Edgy Tools


In addition to that, both Keith and Shane will be donating 20% from all sales on their respective sites from Friday to Sunday night to help Dave and his family.

Shane's site Blendinghammer PDR

Keith's site http://www.blackplaguepdr.com/

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In this episode we interview Sal Contreras from Dent Dial and Dent Expert in CA.

Dent Dial Website

Sal is the Dent Olympic Winner 2015 and is one of the presenters at the 2016 PDR College Advanced Skills Seminar in January in Orlando FL.

more info here for the seminar


Listen to his unique approach to dent removal and come and learn for yourself!


here's the crazy goggles he used in 2015!

hi def dent goggles


Blackplague PDR Tools


TabWeld PDR Glue


Blending Hammer PDR


Recon Pro software for PDR businesses


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Follow Shane's lead and TAKE ACTION this week!

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Shane just spent a month doing hail repair on the road. I decided to ask him a few questions about how he did what he did, and see what I can lean about running a storm effectively myself.


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In this show we give some really easy actionable ideas to charge your business batteries over the weekend! Get Better.

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In this Episode we welcome two guests on the show! These guys are solely Hail Chasers and try and work together as a team as often as possible. Tony Frasher and Max VanNostrand  have been chasing a loooong time and have seen stupid done five hundred different ways.

 They have both decided to team up and try and educate as many techs as possible to the revenue possibilities when hail repair is done right. If you like hearing about income numbers, you won’t want to miss this!

Tony and Max will also be teaching an extra day at our 2016 Advanced Skills Seminar in Orlando FL in Januaray 26,27,28 right before the MTE! You won’t want to miss it!! The whole day will be about making stupid money on hail repair. From what storms to go to, to how to attack the cars in the most efficient way possible, they are going to lay it   ALL out.

Get on the email list to reserve your spot today!Sign up here!

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In this episode of the show we will talk about the "new school" changes in the culture of PDR. How the "old ways" are disappearing and how to stay with the movement and maximize your relevency and revenue.


Shane Jacks Signature Tools


Blackplague Glue Pulling Tools are what professionals use


Recon Pro software for PDR


Phone Skills Bonus Episode


GET Better Phone Skills NOW

We are excited to invite one of our Advanced Skills Seminar 2016 speakers, Brice Kelly www.cfldentrepair.com on the show to talk about his company and how he has risen from a one week training course to one of the premier techs in the country.

Top Rated hail tech glue tab set

Blending Hammer AND Online Training Video


follow us on Periscope for LIVE streaming training on your phone


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In episode 82 we took some of most common questions about what's lacking in technician's dent games and did our best to answer them or at least point people in the right direction!

Remember to follow both of us on Periscope! We live stream during the week to give you an inside view of what we do daily to stay at the top of our games.




Shane Jacks Signature Series Tools

http://www.blackplaguepdr.com/ BLackplague 2.0 tabs are here!


Make sure you're on the list to be invited to attend the advanced skills seminar in January!

Sign up HERE

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We had enough interest to proceed with the course!

We will be offering the intro price for the week of 8/24/2015 ONLY!

Get in line early and secure your spot!

RESERVE your Phone Skills Course HERE

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In this show we welcome Derek Reed on as a guest. Derek is insanely productive while working only ONE dealer account!

You've got to hear some of the unique things he does to get his numbers up there, way up there!
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Blackplague Tabs Watch the video


Shane Jacks Blending Hammer


German LAKA Glue Tabs


Dentcraft Hail Rod

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Click HERE for the PDR College Phone Skills Course

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Blackplgue PDR

Shane Jacks Signature Series Tools

Advanced Skills Seminar

ReCon Pro Automobile Technologies

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We've talked about price anchoring before, but this time we approach it from a different angle. Let's talk about the Ultimate Price Anchor for PDR!


ReconPro PDR Software

Edge Jack edge repair tool Video

Tabweld Glue & Smooth Series Tabs

LAKA German Glue tabs for PDR

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Sometimes getting it done means grinding harder than anyone else is willing.


Recon Pro for mobile invoicing

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Blending Hammer Perfection


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Let's talk about the people who you choose to include in your network and who will help you succeed in your business. Without the right people in your circle, you won't get nearly as far half as quickly as is possible.

In this episode we talk a little about our business networking and what you should do to supercharge your business

Mini Slide Hammer

Blending Hammer Nirvana

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Revealing Video about glue pulling 

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With all the tricks and tools modern PDR offers, we as techs still forget one of the main components to running a successful business: In person sales. Join Keith for this show as we map out a strategy to get that appointment


German Glue tabs Laka

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You've heard about PDR brokers, usually along side hail storm sites. Well, what should you expect from a broker, or what should you do when YOU broker a deal when your local stuff gets hit with hail.

Watch the New Edge Jack Tool video

Buy the Edge Jack Tools HERE

Buy the Smooth Series Tab kit with TabWeld here

ReconPro Invoicing Software

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Do you struggle with a low closing percentage with your prospects? Do you wonder "What was that guy THINKING?" after you have a bad appointment that you couldn't close?

Well, you need to square a few things away PRIOR to those appointments. Use these tips to increase your closes and make more money! 



TabWeld glue is World Class

New Edge Jack Tool is HERE

Smooth Series Tabs Pull better- Watch the video


Knowing how to make sure your prospects are invested in every transaction you do with them will increase your closing percentage incredibly! In this episode you will learn how to master these situations and increase your sales! Make more money!


NEW Edge Jack Tool

Recon Pro

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How can you Justify your higher prices to your service drive and retail clients when you're in an environment that involves volume pricing?
This is a question we will ALL get! Usually more than once. If you have trouble explaining your justifications, you aren't alone.
In Episode 71 of the PDR College Podcast, we talk about some of the strategies we use in this situation.

ALSO, Shane reveals a NEW tool he has created!

Here's the link for our homepage

Itunes Link

Android Link


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What is that ONE THING that is holding you back in your career? Spend a few minutes with us while we explore "that one thing" that is holding you back from making the progress you desire.

TabWeld Glue email list sign up Sign up HERE


Check out the Best tab set for hail


Learn Blending from Shane Jacks


Get in touch with ReconPro


German Glue Tabs

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Are you looking after the bottom line? Numero Uno? Let's talk about the ways you can bring more money through the front door. Money that is slipping through your fingers right NOW.

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We dive deep into the current generation of estimating PDR work with electronic applications

New German PDR Tabs

Blending Hammers will make you faster

Blackplague Smooth Series Tabs

PDR Estimate


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Let's talk about all the communication coming at us : Phone, email, text, in person, social...it can get crazy! If you've been doing a great job of marketing your company, than it IS crazy sometimes. 

Here we are going to dive into some Mental ( and external) Strategy with Shane to handle the barrage and turn the frustration into profits.


Shane's Blending Hammers


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Free TabWeld Sample here


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In this episode we welcome guest Paul Kordon from Virginia to the show. Paul is an expert at selling and educating his customers about PDR and he shares his process here with you! 

Use these tips to start getting top dollar for your repairs!


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We don't always win. Come hang out with us for a while and learn from our mistakes. 

Lots of CASH will slip through your fingers during a normal work week. Let's close those holes together and stop the bleeding.

If you are listening on the release day of this show (Monday 5-4-15, listen to the end to get a CRAZY STUPID DEAL (MONDAY 5-4-2015 ONLY!) on the New Dent Depth Gauge.

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Use these steps to Negotiate with your prospects and customers and increase their happiness AND your bottom line!

Check out the new TabWeld Glue!


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PDR College Humpback Tool















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Are you struggling with your retail repair prices? Well, not any more! Join us as we share 5 ways to double your retail estimates and MAKE MORE MONEY!

Have you tried the new TabWeld Glue for PDR Glue pull repairs? Its phenomenal and right NOW before it's released we are giving away free samples with every order on  blackplaguepdr.com

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Learn how to use that new blending hammer!


Recon Pro is the overwhelming choice for PDR software

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In today's show we welcome a new guest. He's been an in-house tech for a while and is getting ready to move to another state to start his PDR co from scratch. We have him on to ask all his questions and we answer them all..(and then some)!


Blending can make you more money faster click HERE to see


ReconPro is the software we use to run our PDR companies click HERE


Still haven't seen the new smooth tab video?!? Click HERE to see it now


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We were reached out to by a listener in TX who is starting out on his own and was looking for advice. Join us here as we walk through the steps we would personally take if we were starting our own companies tomorrow.


We also take a look at a really great, but possibly overlooked whale tail from Dentcraft, the UWT-05 See HERE it's an ultra thin short whale tail that is AMAZING for tightly braced hoods , roofs, and decklids! Get One TODAY


TabWeld glue will be launching soon as well! Have a look at the intro video here

TabWeld Glue

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Anchoring prices is a powerful technique we can use to help dictate where our transaction will go next!

Anchoring Article here


Video Here


PDR Estimate Estimating Software


Blending Hammer

Blackplague PDR Tools


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Today we talk about the steps necessary to create trust with your PDR prospects and customers.



New Euro Glue Gun


Crazy Toyota NO PDR Article


Join the Inner Circle List



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We Welcome Jeremy Langton of Dent Technology INC to the show to tell us about his new tools including the Moonlight, his new adjustable door tools and his placing in the German Dent Olympics using the Blackplague Smooth Series Tabs


NEW Dent Depth Gauge

Worlds Best Blending Hammers

Dent Technology INC Door tools Tab Promotion

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Today we hang out with Jordan Fisher of TDN Tools to learn a little about his background and his Intl Hail and doording game!

Links from the show

Blackplague PDR NEW Depth Gauge!

World Beating Blending Hammers


Ultra Dent Double swivel set up 1

Ultra Dent Double swivel set up 2

Ultra Dent Double swivel set up 3


PDR Nation

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What is a dent repair really worth? Find out with us!


Click here to start when redoing your PDR website


Dent Depth Gauge


Blending Hammer


Best source for glue tabs



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Finally! We have a chance to sit down with Chad from fineline pdr to talk about his website from way back in episode 14 when we first encountered him and his first PDR Retail website (it was scary) to today when his totally redone site is up and kicking butt!

Nathan Pizzo of Design with Energy did ALL of the work


Jackhammer Blending Hammer


See a Photo of the Dent Depth Gauge HERE


Why are the Smooth Series Tabs so good?

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Join us as we discuss the things that are holding us back in our businesses and let's see if we can come up with a plan together and break some records!


Dent Technology INC

Blending Hammer Excellence

Smooth PDR Tabs are better


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In this show we talk about the things we would tell our "apprentice" selves if we could go back from the future to coach ourselves in PDR using our advanced knowledge! Fun exercise in theory and open minded thinking!


Smooth Series Glue Tabs WATCH NOW


Jackhammer Blending Hammer Series



Direct download: PDR_College_Episode_53_Coaching_From_the_Future.mp3
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Are you missing one of the most VITAL parts of your business? We are talking about questions today. 


A1 Tool Custom Jackhammer

Nicholas Boothman

Website for Smooth tabs

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Episode 51 Interview w The Best Glue Puller In the World: Mike Broughton

Mike won the Glue Pulling Championship at the 2015 Intl Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando Florida. He used only one type of glue tab: Blackplague Smooth Series Tabs!
In this show we break the entire process down with Mike to see what he did to secure his spot as the current King Of Glue Pulling!
Direct download: PDR20College20Episode2051.mp3
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These are some of the strategies TOP sellers use BEFORE they meet with their prospects. Incorporate these things into your routine and watch the colsing happen!

Resources from this episode:

Mobile Tech Expo

Austin Bowden Insurance Episode 31

Rubber Ball Tip

New Jackhammer XLJackhammer Combo in BLUE!

Exel Tools Electric Dent Shrinker

in action!


Blackplague Smooth series Video

Inner Circle Networking Group


Direct download: Episode205020520Things20to20do20Before20a20Sales20Call.mp3
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