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In this show we Interview John and Maria Kallenbach of A1 Tool!

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Let's hear a little about what Shane learned from The Hail Trainer Seminar and also catch up on what's been going on at PDR College.


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In today's show we dive deep with 2016 Dent Olympic Glue Pulling Winner James Catron!

James used Blackplague Gang Green Smooth Series tabs and TabWeld glue to take home first place! We ask him every question we can think of to really get the details about glue pulling at the highest level.

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Shane Jacks Signature Tools

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TabWeld Glue: The Glue of Champions

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Today we take a deep look at the customer experience in the beginning and end of the transaction.

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The 2016 Advanced skills seminar was a complete and total SUCCESS! Wow!


What an awesome group of guys!

Join us today for an insiders look at what went on behind the scenes.

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