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In episode 82 we took some of most common questions about what's lacking in technician's dent games and did our best to answer them or at least point people in the right direction!

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Shane Jacks Signature Series Tools

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We had enough interest to proceed with the course!

We will be offering the intro price for the week of 8/24/2015 ONLY!

Get in line early and secure your spot!

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In this show we welcome Derek Reed on as a guest. Derek is insanely productive while working only ONE dealer account!

You've got to hear some of the unique things he does to get his numbers up there, way up there!
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Blackplague Tabs Watch the video


Shane Jacks Blending Hammer


German LAKA Glue Tabs


Dentcraft Hail Rod

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Click HERE for the PDR College Phone Skills Course

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Blackplgue PDR

Shane Jacks Signature Series Tools

Advanced Skills Seminar

ReCon Pro Automobile Technologies

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We've talked about price anchoring before, but this time we approach it from a different angle. Let's talk about the Ultimate Price Anchor for PDR!


ReconPro PDR Software

Edge Jack edge repair tool Video

Tabweld Glue & Smooth Series Tabs

LAKA German Glue tabs for PDR

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