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We love fielding listener questions and this show is no exception!

Also, we are launching a couple of new products to the Blackplague website over at

www.blackplaguepdr.com check it out!


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Keith uses ReconPro for his invoicing needs




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Tony Frasher is always thinking and looking for a better angle. We welcome him on the show to talk about strategy that can help make you a lot more money in this business.




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Best Blending Hammers for PDR


AMT ReconPro Invoicing Software

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Why are we so willing to give up revenue to be "cool" or "nice"?

Isn't the point of business to make money?

Let's get to the details of fighting for profits in your company and how we can take our profits to new levels.


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ReconPro Software is what Keith uses

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Get your mind right with Shane on this latest episode of the PDR College Podcast!

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