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Shane has two special guests on the show today! We are hail heavy on this show again, so if are into hail, tune in!


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In this show Shane breaks down the methodologies and strategies he uses to do 5 figure days by himself in Paintless Dent Repair.


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Shane's Hammers can be found here


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Often in our business we THINK we are doing all that we can be doing to be the best we can be. Deep inside many of us know that we are leaving something out. That we are capable of more. Join us to discover where YOU may be able to make some amazing gains and get yourself to the next level.


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We preach high prices for your PDR business 99% of the time, but are these strategies costing you money via lost business in the long run? Today we go deep on this topic to find out.

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Keith chooses Recon Pro for PDR invoicing software


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