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In this episode we are going to break down some real examples of sales won and lost and how a reactive sales process will enable you to ONLY give the right medicine for the right ailment (sales objection)

The Advanced Skills Seminar 2016 is SOLD OUT! Congrats to those who made it in and to those who weren't able to take advantage of the chance this year, we are deeply sorry. We would like nothing more than to accommodate everyone, but the priority is the highest possibly quality of the event and we simply MUST limit the size.

Here is the link to the list for next years (2017) event if you don't want to miss out next time register here

Blackplague Smooth tabs are the new standard


Blending Hammer and Training Video!


Watch the Recon Pro Video

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Today is the day! 10-26-2015 We are opening registration for the Advanced Skills Seminar and Training 3 day live event in Orlando FL January 26,27,28 2016


Listen to this episode for details and we will see you there!

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Recon Pro software for Dent removal

TabWeld PDR Glue

Shane Jacks PDR Tools


Your price to repair that damage is probably very very low compared to a conventional repair. Why? Let's talk about it

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Listen to Shane talk about ways to help your business dominate with VIDEO!

Look what shows up in a google search for "greenville dent removal"


Get your video ON this week!

Shane's Tool site


Keith's Tool site

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Mobile Tech Expo is the largest paintless dent removal trade show in the USA.

Click HERE for info in the MTE 2016

Shane and Keith explain the top 5 things they both personally learned by attending the show in person over the last few years.


Remember, for the promotion, spend $120 and input "trytape" as a discount code and get free Whale Tail Tape this week on;y! ends 10/19/2015


At the same time get your hands on the most realistic tolecut sandpaper package available to PDR techs here  

Tolecut Complete Kit for PDR

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Help a Brotha Out! Our buddy Dave Streen had an accident an has burned his hands to the point that he cannot work at PDR for a while.

We would like you to go to his tool site and buy his new edge tools, the Hookers, to repair edges with a slide hammer. These little guys will slide between a fender and door while the door is closed! Something no other edge tool will currently do. 

Buy the set, help yourself and help a fellow tech out at the same time.

Here's the link to his tools Edgy Tools


In addition to that, both Keith and Shane will be donating 20% from all sales on their respective sites from Friday to Sunday night to help Dave and his family.

Shane's site Blendinghammer PDR

Keith's site http://www.blackplaguepdr.com/

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In this episode we interview Sal Contreras from Dent Dial and Dent Expert in CA.

Dent Dial Website

Sal is the Dent Olympic Winner 2015 and is one of the presenters at the 2016 PDR College Advanced Skills Seminar in January in Orlando FL.

more info here for the seminar


Listen to his unique approach to dent removal and come and learn for yourself!


here's the crazy goggles he used in 2015!

hi def dent goggles


Blackplague PDR Tools


TabWeld PDR Glue


Blending Hammer PDR


Recon Pro software for PDR businesses


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Follow Shane's lead and TAKE ACTION this week!

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