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The New Year is creeping up FAST! Hang out with us here for a while and get on board with these 9 Things YOU can do to ensure success in 2015!


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In this show we welcome Tony Antonelli as a guest to talk about steps you can to take to make maximum money this year!

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We welcome guest Dave Streen of World Hail Network on the show to talk about building your online presence specifically for hail. He really hammers us on our facebook listings and also gives a TON of actionable items for you!

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In this show we dive a little deeper into the results Shane is getting from his local google adwords account for PDR and give you some ideas you can use for your business.



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There are many things that hold you back when pricing your services. Most of those are in your head! In this show we breakdown THREE simple ways to increase your bottom line every day in PDR!

Get Better.



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