PDR College podcast- Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Business and Marketing

Come join Gene and take his hands-on class at the Anson Facility May 2, 2024 then stay for the Anson Open House May 4th! It's going to be a great event!

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Anson Open House!

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Let's get personal! Shane & Keith dig into Brice's numbers and answer the questions everyone wants to know.

Click here to sign up for the Advanced Skills Seminar 2024 to train w Brice

Head over to www.pdrcollege.com to make sure you're on the waiting list to get notified when tickets go on sale April 1 2024!


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AI generated Stories from the South, Keith & Shane's favorite customer experiences, and news about the 2024 PDR College Advanced Skills Seminar California edition!

The return of Stories from the South plus "What three things Shane would change about his retail shop" 

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Time to circle the wagons boys and girls! Let's define what we are doing and how it SHOULD be done!

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Find out why Keith never got to play Football in college, plus why you probably aren't ready for insurance work.

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Missed Mobile Tech Expo this year? We have a mini recap here for ya! Along with a call in question to our SpeakPipe widget that we answer, along with some of your favorite content: Tiger Talk!

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For today's show, Keith was a guest on Myke Toledo & Joe Garcia's PDR Podcast to breakdown what it takes to get 5 digit retail jobs!

(Hint: Great skills, great reputation, and Claim Connection.io representation on the back end!)

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Listen in on how Wally is using a new tool to find more money, spend less time and generally OWN the retail insurance claim process for his dent company

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New Year, (Re)New Your Company! Let's go y'all! We can all do better, let's get it.