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The New Year is creeping up FAST! Hang out with us here for a while and get on board with these 9 Things YOU can do to ensure success in 2015!


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In this show we welcome Tony Antonelli as a guest to talk about steps you can to take to make maximum money this year!

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We welcome guest Dave Streen of World Hail Network on the show to talk about building your online presence specifically for hail. He really hammers us on our facebook listings and also gives a TON of actionable items for you!

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Dave Streen can be reached at


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In this show we dive a little deeper into the results Shane is getting from his local google adwords account for PDR and give you some ideas you can use for your business.



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I'm ready to join The Inner Circle and network w other Elite PDR techs!

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There are many things that hold you back when pricing your services. Most of those are in your head! In this show we breakdown THREE simple ways to increase your bottom line every day in PDR!

Get Better.



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Whether we are talking Hail, Wholesale or Retail, there are many things you do to seem "busy" but they DO NOT add to the bottom line. 

In this episode we breakdown the FIVE Keys to productivity. These are the five things that will 2X, 5X , or even 10X your revenue!



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Got hail at home? Need help?

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In this show we talk about confidence in yourself and in your repairs no matter what skill level you happen to possess currently  

 We give you tips and tools you need to boost your confidence...and your revenue!


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In this episode, we explore variable pricing strategies for classic, rare, or high end vehicles.

We also tell a couple of stories about our experience with these scenarios.


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MTE Florida 2015

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In this episode we take a closer look at using facebook for your local service business and we ask a listener of the show, Colton L'Amy (Transcendent PDR) to share his tips about what has and hasn't worked for him!


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We welcome special guest Ryan Hampton with The Hail Company on the show to help give us a roadmap to profits from a local hail storm.


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Sometimes you don't think you need a PDR tool at all...until you try it! These are the things we HAVE to have in our sets, even if we don't use them every single day.

Also, we give a few more details on the Advanced Skills Seminar with Shane January 13-14  2015, you won't want to miss that if you are looking to brek some records in 2015!


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Sales Closes



In this episode we talk about bringing the ideas you have in your mind into reality and selling PDR (or any other type) Tools to the market.


As a guest we bring in Ian Cordle of Mobile tech shade to share his experience with bringing a product to market.



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Are you hitting your goals every time? Are you CRUSHING them? Are you not even close? We go over the 7 ways you could be failing in your goal setting and give you some specific actions to take to bring yourself to the next level.


Get Better.

Please consider donating to another PDR tech in need via our offer or directly through the Egle's Cross Fund



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In this episode we welcome Bill Ryan to the show! Bill and his team sell software to Fortune 500 companies. He has closed multiple $50-$60 MILLION Dollar sales! He opens up his book of notes and shares some of his best stuff with us here.


There are many parallels in sales whether we are talking about a $150 sale or a $60 million dollar sale. Bill helps us realize them and gives several tips for navigating larger businesses like franchise dealer groups.


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Many of us have a mental "limit" to what we think we can charge for a PDR repair. THINK AGAIN! We show you some of the main factors to consider when you want to get your pricing to an Elite level.

We welcome Layne Minor as a guest on the show to share his story on breaking out of wholsale prison and swinging in the big league of high dollar retail.



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We welcome Tony Frasher with PDR Nation on the show to give us a run down on what PDR Nation is and more importantly, what YOU can do with it to get better.

We review the Dent Dial Tool from Sal Contreras, and we debut our New Program fpr the highest level of PDR techs and company owners: The Inner Circle

If you ever wanted to know what the successful guys are doing within google adwords, wonder no more! We go into detail here so you can do the same for yourself.

Also, we answer a call in question from Australia regarding PDR Training. How long is training supposed to be?


Special Guest Sal Contreras here to help answer both questions!

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One of our listeners reached out and asked for a little guidance, so we are happy to help here in episode 32.

This tech was dying a slow death at home doing mostly wholesale and was awakened by the show as to his earning potential. He has decided to hit the road and chase hail!

Where does he start? Lots of questions and we answer them here.


Links to Tools talked about on the show:


Harbor Freight Trim Tool set

Dentcraft R&I Pick set

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Austin Bowden from Sheppard and Associates INS has joined us IN STUDIO to help you make sure that you have you, your business and your FAMILY proplerly covered in your PDR Business.

Also review of the Dentcraft Tools SPHST ( HINT: AMAZING!)

LINK HERE to buy

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The Paintless Dent Removal industry throws many different scenarios at you and there are many opportunites for growth and Profit. Listen to Shane walk us through his mindset as he adapts to unique work quickly so that his bank account can adapt to more commas.

Also a tool review for the Blehm 21 Piece Hand Tool set

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Shane walks us through the EXACT steps he took to secure the win at his FIRST international dent olympics! We also talk about dealing with Bullies in the car business ( there's a TON of them)

Learn what one tech did to pull roots in CA and head for the HAIL!


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The Upsell opportunity is there waiting for you on EVERY job you take. Use these guidelines to help remember how when and where to capture additional revenue.


Also, Learn how Keith almost ruined a dent and what he did to save it!

In this episode we dive into what it takes to take your little company to the next level and grow something meaningful.

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Every Life and every business has them: Turning points. Those points in business when you realize that the direction you've been going is not the direction you should remain going!

Learn from Shane and Keith about their pivotal decisions and make some of your own!

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In this Episode Shane teaches the simple things YOU can do AND the things to avoid to streamline your PDR business and replicate his numbers!

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After THOUSANDS of retail repairs, Keith and Shane share the list of things to be on the look out for that could potentially trip you up and cost you thousands per week in lost time.

Learn these for yourself and never drive to a 'bunk' call again!

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In this episode we break down the average compensation of several specialties of medical doctors in the US and talk about how our compensation in the PDR business compares. 

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The recent hail storms have been slamming cars all over the country. In this episode, Shane shares his strategy for dominating his local market and takes you inside his books to see what real hail money looks like, how he's doing it and how YOU can too1 No fluff or BS, just real world facts.

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No One in my area knows about PDR! How should I market to them?


I just fixed a car in 3 min for $13. How do I help the customer feel good about this?

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Daniel Gromm is THE authority on Motorcylce PDR and has created several new tools for the industry to help you do the same thing.


In our interview he shares the back story, the numbers, and a few other insights you won't find anywhere else.

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In this episode Shane Breaks down the walls on blending and gives you the resources to master the technique yourself!

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Quick lesson from Shane and I on customizing the customer experience

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Quick easy to digest lesson from the real world to use TODAY to make money

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How do you market against a local competitor who has a terrific web and review presence, great repairs and is DIRT CHEAP??!!

We lay out the answers for you here!

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We deconstruct a PDR retail website with you to make sure you aren't making the same mistakes.

Also, DON'T MISS IT! We announce a new feature to the show!

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We are bringing you inside to learn some of the ninja moves we use to increase closing rates and WIN!

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Don't get get caught buying into these common myths about PDR. We are going to break down some common myths and rebuild the truth together to put more CASH into you bottom line!

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Find out the strategies that get you found by your local customers looking for paintless dent removal!

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Shane shares the steps he takes to properly account for every penny of damage when using a hail matrix to produce a quote.

Also Shane talks about a little know sanding method you can start using

Episode 8! This is an extremely important lesson for anyone running a Paintless Dent Removal co. Knowing what to do and when to do it is VITAL. That is , if you are interested in making the most out of any given day!

Get Better.

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In this Episode Keith and Shane share their secrets for high production high profit PDR: goal setting!

Also, Shane reveals the exact tool he used to WIN the Dent Olympics and where YOU can get it!

Paintless Dent Removal is an interesting and challenging business to grow. Find out how two Pros are handling these challenges...and winning!

Keith & Shane talk wages, how soon is too soon to hire, How to price dealer accounts, and adding mobile software to your PDR business to increase revenue and productivity!

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Keith and Shane reveal the secret to how you can make an EXTRA $63,000 this year without buying ANYTHING or hiring ANYONE! The winners for the Blackplague tab and Jackhammer blending hammer giveaway are announced, a chance to win another free tool, and who can eat more in one sitting!

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Keith and Shane reveal the techniques and tricks YOU can use to go from a local route type business into the business of chasing hail storms. Also if you currently chase hail and would like a roadmap for your business to stay home and be profitable, you'll learn that here!

Stick around to the end! There is a tool give away and you'll be upset if you miss it!!

Keith and Shane share the exact methods they use to Double revenue, stop driving to bad deals, and streamline the customer experience for the retial side of your PDR business

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In this episode Keith & Shane reveal the practices they use to establish, grow and dominate their local markets for retail business

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PDR College Podcast Episode 1 PRICING. YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

How do you price your repairs? Wholesale? Retail? Are you leaving money on the table? With 20 years of PDR experience and BATTLE TESTED strategies to properly price and position your service, we KNOW the answers to these questions and we share them here with you. THIS EPISODE ALONE COULD MAKE YOU THOUSANDS MORE this year!

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