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Recently Shane flew out to help a local tech who got blasted with Hail and needed to capture AS MUCH as Possible!

In today's show we lay out his steps that he went through to help maximize market share in a catastrophe situation.


Glue Pulling dent repair supplies for professionals


Shane Jacks Edge Repair Tool


Recon Pro --Chat with Nick about this awesome Software here

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Let's delve into your mind and have a look at how you're wired to see if we can't reprogram some of our basic perceptions of the world and create a winning mental strategy, together.


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www.blackplaguepdr.com for Glue tabs for PDR


www.blendinghammerpdr.com for Blending hammers and edge repair tools


Check out these awesome A1 PDR Tools for your Hail Repairs


A1 PDR Quicksilver set


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Did you ever wonder what's going through the mind of an insurance adjuster when they come out to look over your estimate? Well wonder no more!

We are taking you on the inside track to help you work out a WIN/WIN for your hail repairs and and whatever insurance company you're dealing with.

Dent Repair Glue Pulling at it's finest



Blending Hammers and Edge Repair Tools for PDR


Keith uses the:

Recon Pro Invoicing System


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